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    The Home Screen provides a quick snapshot of your current stage of pregnancy. You will find a spot to display the photo of your choice, a timeline with your progress, the due date, baby's name (optional), and time remaining (or lapsed).

    Simply tap any of these fields to edit this information. Notice that when you tap the bottom box, you will have the option to view the Time Left or Progress. You may change any of this information at any time.

    The drop down menu on the left side of the screen allows you to easily navigate through the app from any screen. Notice that the menu is always displayed on the Home Screen. On any other screen, simply tap the arrow in the upper left corner to display the navigation menu.

    The Calendar provides a visual snapshot of your symptoms and progress throughout your pregnancy. Icons representing moods, symptoms, weight and much more appear on the calendar, making it easy to spot trends and patterns. See "Calendar Placement" below under "Notes" to learn how to manage which icons appear on the Calendar.

    To make a Note for the day, double-tap any calendar day, or tap a day then tap below the calendar to go to Notes for that day.

    Use the triple-selector at the top of the Calendar to toggle between a Month / List / Day view. All of your Notes are searchable from the List view.

    iPregnant allows you to track more than 70 symptoms and moods. Notice the 3 tabs at the top of the Notes: "General", "Symptoms" and "Moods".

    With so many symptoms to track, the Icon Manager allows you to take control of what is displayed and even allows you to customize icons. Simply tap the icon that looks like an eye at the bottom of the Notes screen. A pop-up menu will allow you to choose "Calendar Placement", "Label Icons" or "Manage Symptoms".

    Calendar Placement: This feature lets you choose which icons are displayed on the Calendar. Simply drag and drop icons to and from the calendar day. There are 7 spaces for you to fill. Any other symptoms, moods or notes that you make will be represented by a small, blue plus sign on the calendar. This symbol tells you that you have something recorded for the day that is not showing on the calendar.

    Label Icons: iPregnant includes 4 icons that you can label to suit your needs.

    Manage Symptoms: Turn symptoms on and off as needed. For example, if you do not need to track headaches, simply turn this symptom "off" and it will not be displayed on your Notes screen. You may return to this "Manage Symptoms" screen at any time to turn the symptom back "on".

    Weekly Information
    Browse weekly information about your pregnancy, including scientific illustrations, 3D ultrasound images and personal photos. Each week includes information about the baby's size, synopsis, baby's development, how you're feeling and suggestions for you.

    Use the arrows at the top of the screen to navigate between the pregnancy weeks. Tap any image to enlarge, and tap the upper right image to add your own photo.

    To add a photo, tap the "+" in the upper right corner. After a photo is added, tap the photo, and you will have the opportunity to add a title. You may also share the photo via Facebook or Email.

    Kick Counter
    To begin a kick session, tap "Begin Session" and then the "Kick" button. Or, simply tap the "Kick" button to record the first kick. Continue pressing the "Kick" button each time you feel the baby move. When your session is complete, tap "End Session". Your stats for that kick session will be displayed below in the table.

    Please note that you may share your kick sessions via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS by tapping the associated button at the bottom of the screen.

    For more information about counting kicks, tap the "?" in the lower right corner of the Kick Counter screen.

    Community Forum
    Connect with other pregnant women around the world. Ask questions, seek support and offer advice!

    Browse Categories, view the Latest posts, search for relevant topics, and make friends to support you during this exciting time!

    Profile: Create a profile by selecting the 'Profile' button on the upper right hand corner of your screen.

    Add a profile picture: Pinch to zoom in or move your finger apart to to zoom out. Select the 'Use' bottom for your picture to be successfully scaled.

    Create a post: Select any category by tapping on it. Select 'New Post' on the bottom of your page. Type in the subject of your post and then your message. Tap 'Post' for your message to be successfully uploaded.

    Like This!: See a post that you really like? Tap it and select Like This! You can vote only once for each post that you like, but see the Most Liked Posts on the Category screen!

    Nudge: If you want your Friend to join you on the forum, you can Nudge her! Just go to her Profile page and touch the Nudge button at the bottom of the screen. This sends her a push alert, letting her know that she can find you on the iPeriod forum. Please note that you can only Nudge members who are your Friends. You can also disable nudges from any friend by turning the Nudge switch off on their profile page.

    Reply to a post: Select any pre-existing post and tap the 'Reply' button on the bottom of your page. Type in your reply message and select 'Post' for your message to be successfully uploaded.

    Report a concern: If you come across a posting that is offensive, please report a concern to us. To do this, touch the posting and you should see an option to "Report a Concern".

    View Profile: If you are interested in learning more about a forum member, simply tap one of their posts, and select View Profile. This will allow you to see a larger profile picture, read about them and see who their friends are. From this screen, you can also request them as a Friend.

    5 tabs at bottom of screen:
    • Categories: Browse the forum by categories, and find one of interest to you. Topics range from periods to fitness to politics.

      Please note the Welcome section at the top of this screen. It includes Friends, Who's Live, Introduce Yourself, iPeriod Tips and Most Liked Posts.

      Tap the Friends section to see a list of your current friends and friend requests. Notice that you can see whether your friend is currently online or offline by reading the word below her profile picture. If you want your friend to join you on the forum, you can Nudge her! Just tap her name, and touch the Nudge button at the bottom of the screen. This sends her a push alert, letting her know that she can find you on the iPeriod forum.

      If you have a friend request, tap the person's name, and then tap the button that reads Accept at the bottom of the screen.

    • Friends: Tap the Friends tab at the bottom of the screen to view your friends' posts, sorted by the most recent at the top. To request a friend, tap a post belonging to that person, and select View Profile. Touch the Button at the bottom of the screen that reads Request a Friend. The person will be sent a push alert letting them know that you want to be friends.

    • Mine: View all of your posts by descending order by date and time. Tap on any post to read your message.

    • Latest: View the most recent forum posts in descending order by date and time.

    • Search: Type in a keyword into the search field to find posts and replies that relate to your search. Select the blue 'Search' button on the bottom of your keyboard for your search results to appear.

    There is so much to do to prepare for the big day! iPregnant's Organizers will keep you organized and remind you to stay healthy! Note that each organizer offers a sharing option so that you may communicate your lists via Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS. If you'd like to remove any items from any checklist, simply swipe your finger across any entry that you would like to delete.

    Appointment Questions: Prepare for your next prenatal appointment with questions in hand. Simply tap the "+" in the upper right corner to add a question that you want to ask your health care provider. Record answers at your appointments, and check them off as complete.

    Birth Plan: A birth plan is a communication tool so everyone understands your preferences for labor and delivery. iPregnant's birth plan provides a list of labor, delivery, and postpartum options to discuss with your practitioner. Check off any options that you would like to be included as part of your wishes.

    Please note that our sole intention with this list is to offer questions that you may want to think about in advance. The list in no way represents recommendations by Winkpass Creations, Inc.

    Hospital Bag: Wondering what to pack for the hospital when you're having a baby? iPregnant comes with a list of the necessities you'll need, plus a few extras. Tap the "+" sign to add items, and check the items off as you pack them in your bag.

    Newborn Essentials: This checklist suggests what you'll need to have on hand for the early days with your baby, and beyond.

    Reminders: Create reminders for pretty much anything you can imagine! This feature uses local push alerts (available for iOS4 or later), and is useful for remembering to take your prenatal vitamins, exercising, doctor's appointments, etc. Customize your Reminders with a variety of sounds!

    To Do: This general organizer allows you to make a checklist of tasks that you would like to accomplish before your baby arrives. Examples include decorating the baby's room, going on a romantic date, etc.

    Contraction Timer
    iPregnant's Contraction Timer is a great tool for helping pregnant mothers and their partners easily and accurately time labor contractions. Tap the conveniently large "Start" button as soon as you feel a contraction beginning, and then tap "Stop" when the contraction is over. A history of your contractions is shown below. The sharing feature makes it easy for you to broadcast this information to those who need to know!

    Baby Names
    The Baby Names tool allows you to browse names and save Favorites! Browse names by popularity, origin and alphabetically. Simply check off any names that you would like to add to your Favorites. Need feedback about your name candidates? Sharing makes this easy with Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS!


    Accounts: Manage your iPregnant, Facebook and Twitter accounts. An iPregnant account allows you to post on the Community Forum and to Backup and Restore your data.

    Alerts: Want to receive alerts at the beginning of each week of pregnancy? Manage this feature here. You may also receive notifications related to the Community Forum, if you so choose.

    Appearance: Manage the appearance of your app here. Choose between an array or colors and calendar themes.

    Backup / Restore: iPregnant offers data backup and restore. We highly recommend that you backup your data on a regular basis, so that all is not lost in the event of a broken or lost device.

    Support: Email Support, visit our website, write a review, and connect with our Facebook and Twitter pages here.